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Seasons 1 through 4 are considered the core episodes for the series. Wikipedia states:

"...Season four was the final full season of the series. In the two-part season opener, "Steele Searching", filmed on location in London, Mildred Krebs learned of Steele's secret, changing the dynamics of the trio. Other key episodes, including "Forged Steele", "Steele in the Spotlight" and "Sensitive Steele", continued the slow evolution of the romantic relationship between the main characters. Facing a possible cancellation by NBC (whose fortunes had now changed to become the number one network) Gleason contrived a phony marriage between the characters in the final episode of season four, "Bonds of Steele", as an attempt to garner additional interest and provoke NBC to pick up the series for a fifth season."

The show's expected end was interrupted by Albert Broccoli's interest in Pierce Brosnan to replace an aging Roger Moore as James Bond and Stephanie Zimbalist's acceptance of the role of Officer Anne Lewis in Robo-Cop (she would be replaced by Nancy Allen, a role she bacame known for).

Season 5's cancellation was reversed but the standard compliment of 22 episodes were not ordered. Instead, three two-hour movies were broadcast in an abbreviated season. The shadowy character Tony Roseli, a parallel to Remington Steele's character with a murky bacground, was introduced as a rival for Laura's affections.

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S1E1 Episode Title v1

(E1) "License To Steele"


(E1) "License To Steele"   Edit

S1E2 Tempered Steel

(E2) "Tempered Steele" Edit

S1E3 Epidode title v1

(E3) "Steele Waters Run Deep"


(E3) "Steele Waters Run Deep"Edit

S1E4 Signed, Steeled and Delivered

(E4) "Signed, Steeled and Delivered"Edit

S1E5 Thou Shalt Not Steele

(E5) "Thou Shalt Not Steele"Edit

S1E6 Steele Belted

(E6) "Steele Belted"Edit

S1E7 Joel Colodner

(E7) "Etched in Steele"Edit

S1E8 You're Steele The One For Me

(E8) "You're Steele The One For Me"Edit

S1E9 In The Steele Of The Night

(E9) "In The Steele Of The Night"Edit

S1E10 Steele Trap

(E10) "Steele Trap"Edit

S1E11 Steeling The Show

(E11) "Steeling The Show"Edit

S1E12 Steele Flying High

(E12) "Steele Flying High"Edit



S1E13 A Good Night's Steele

(E13) "A Good Night's Steele"

S1E14 Hearts of Steele

(E14) "Hearts of Steele"Edit

S1E15 To Stop A Steele

(E15) "To Stop A Steele"Edit

(E16) "Steele Crazy After All These Years"Edit

(E17) "Steele Among The Living"

(E18) "Steele In The News"Edit

(E19) "Vintage Steele"

(E20) "Steele's Gold"

(E21) "Sting of Steele"

(E22) "Steele In Circulation"